Adoption and What to Expect

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. Prompt, courteous, professional responses to all your questions and concerns.
  2. Health Tested Parents
  3. Weekly photo updates (may include daily candid photos when appropriate) by email and text. These will also be posted on our website.
  4. Clean, loving, family environment
  5. Dewormer at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks
  6. Vet visit at 8 weeks for initial exam, fecal check, vaccinations, and health certificates
  7. One year health guarantee against genetic diseases
  8. AKC registration paperwork. We will prepay all AKC registrations.
Puppy Selection and Payment

You may pay for your puppy all-at-once or in 3-installments as follows:

  1. $300 deposit within 2 days of birth
  2. $1,200 by week 2
  3. $1,000 by week 4

**If you want your puppy to be UNDOCKED, payment in full is required within 24 hours of birth. We have a very short window of 3 days for tail docking. THIS IS ADHERED TO STRICTLY.

**If ear cropping is important to you, please find a puppy elsewhere. These puppies will conform to  German/European boxer standards. They will have huge chests and large square boxy heads. They should never have cropped ears.

Once you have chosen your puppy and payment has cleared our bank, all photos of your puppy will be marked as “RESERVED”.  You will have access to the Puppy Cam on our website until the puppies are 8 weeks. They are born in our guest bedroom and move into the family room at 4 weeks.

We encourage you to visit our website,, regularly for weekly updates. You will also receive weekly photo updates by email and/or text letting you know what has been happening with their growth and development. If we take candid photos or videos during the week, this is where we will post them.

We will provide a clean, loving environment for your puppy to grow and be healthy. We provide the utmost attention to physical, developmental and social development. The puppies receive lots of socialization with our family, including children, friends and relatives, and the other dogs in our home. They will be very used to the sights and sounds of a busy household. They will receive an initial introduction to crate training and litter/potty training. All puppies receive constant love and attention.

Puppy Pickup

Puppies are taken to the vet at 8 weeks for an exam, health certificates, and vaccinations. Puppies begin going home the first weekend after they are 8 weeks old. At that time, families begin to pick up their puppies in person at our home. For families that have hired a Nanny Service to escort their puppy to their home, we will get them to the airport safely and on time. We will not release our puppies to a ground transport service.

Your Puppy Will Receive The Following

Dewormer at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks. Vet exam, fecal check, vaccinations, and health certificate at 8 weeks. One year health guarantee against genetic diseases.

A puppy package, including: health records, AKC registration paperwork, their original birth collar as a keepsake, a transitional toy from the litter, a blanket with the smell of their mommy and siblings, and a three day supply of the food that your puppy has been eating.

Lifetime support. We will assist you with re-homing your puppy/dog should your situation ever change, and you are unable to keep your pet.


What We Expect From You

Be on time (answering our communication, making payments, and picking up your puppy).

Take your puppy for a check-up within 3 days of receiving him/her to make sure he/she is healthy. Take your puppy to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations at the age of 12 weeks and 16 weeks. Never cropped the ears of your puppy.

Keep your boxer in a heated and air-conditioned space within your home. Boxers are not suited for living outside.

Be realistic. Your puppy is a baby. It will need rules, socialization and training. Puppies jump, nip, chew, wake up during the night and must be house trained. These things all take time and commitment. Make sure you are prepared.

Training. Consider taking your puppy to at least one series of training classes by the age of six months.

Groom your puppy. Boxer are low maintenance. That said, your puppy should be brushed at least once a week and bathed not less than once monthly.

Spay or neuter. Your new puppy will grow into a large breed dog. Early spay/neuter has health risks. Please research this and the possible effects it could have on hips, knees, and elbows of large breed dogs. Most vets are now advising to wait until after large breeds have fully developed before spaying or neutering. Talk with your vet about proper timing, keeping in mind that ultimately you make the decisions that will affect your puppy's health.

Provide a high-quality diet, regular exercise, and vet care. Do not allow your Boxer to become overweight.

Enjoy your puppy!