Boxer Puppy Adoption Fee

100% German (European) Boxer Adoption Information - Adoption Fee is for PETS only, not breeders. All boxer puppies are $2,500.

You may pay for your puppy all-at-once or in 3-installments as follows:

  1. $300 deposit within 2 days of birth
  2. $1,200 by week 2
  3. $1,000 by week 4

All puppies must be paid for in full by week 4. If not, monies will be refunded immediately and the puppy will be offered to another family on the list.

**If you want your puppy to be UNDOCKED, payment in full is required within 24 hours of birth. We have a very short window of 3 days for tail docking. THIS IS ADHERED TO STRICTLY.

**If ear cropping is important to you, please find a puppy elsewhere. These puppies will conform to  German/European boxer standards. They will have huge chests and large square boxy heads. They should never have cropped ears.

Payment Information

You have three(3) options to pay for your puppy:

1.    Zelle Money Transfer

2.    Electronic Invoice that you can pay with Visa or Mastercard

3.    Certified Cashiers Check

All payments must clear our bank prior to the puppy being RESERVED for you.

Picking Up Your Boxer Puppy

Please consider picking up your puppy in person. We would love to meet you face to face. We are proud of the care our puppies receive and are sure that you will be too.

If you need your puppy shipped, we prefer air travel with you or with a nanny. is a wonderful nanny service that we trust. For a reasonable fee, your puppy is escorted by a personal nanny from Wilmington International Airport (ILM) to an airport closest to you. Please visit their website and contact them to schedule your puppy’s travel arrangements.

Cape Fear Boxers will not release a puppy to a ground transport service.