Upcoming Planned Litter

Ciara and Falco have Honeymooned!

This is Ciara, a boxer puppy rolling her eyes.

Meleficent Von Holland Ciara

If all goes well, they will be welcoming their new bundles of joy on November 4th!
Boxer Puppies will be heavily reversed brindle, sealed brindle or flashy brindle.
Expected weights:
Females: 70 - 80 lbs, Males: 90 - 100+ lbs
Our waiting list for this litter is full, but we've created a Backup list in case someone changes their mind.

Current Waiting List For This Litter

Male #1 - Franco (Florida)
Male #2 - Danesult (Florida)
Male #3 - Jimenez (Panama)
Male #4 - Jones (Texas)
Female #1 - Acosta (Florida)
Female #2 - Gardner/Hernandez (Florida)
Female #3 - Russo/Mazur (New Jersey)
Female #4 - Burton (Maryland)
Female #5 - Anderson (California)

Backup Waiting List

1. Collins (Ohio) - Either


Falco 100% European Boxer

Falco Felix Steptown of Serbia

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